Well Hello All,

Thank you for stopping by my name is Melissa Bates and I am honored to call myself a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. Throughout my life, I have been drawn to helping individuals work through situations and have always enjoyed offering an open ear, shoulder and or a positive perspective to move forward. If you’re looking to get your health on the right path or just release some weight to finally discover that extra energy, I would love to support and join you on your journey.



I was born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca. I grew up with my amazing mother and lovely sister. Over my lifetime, I was always overweight. As a child, I did not know when to stop eating and I had a legendary sweet tooth. I had no idea of the correct foods to eat and how to maintain a healthier lifestyle, but as a child really? that was the last thing on my mind.


During my teenage years, I had unhealthy eating habits. I played sports throughout high school, but I was still unable to drop the weight that I accumulated over my lifetime. I definitely became more aware of my body image, but I did not know how and where to start. At the age of 17, I began to take the unhealthy approach and developed an eating disorder. I ended up with bulimia. My disorder lasted throughout my senior year of high school and several years into college.


At the ripe age of 32, I have finally found the answer. Balance! Balance is the key to approach any aspect of your life. I have learned to approach food and diet with excitement. Diet, not meaning cutting out every delicious treat known to man. When I say diet, I mean learning to balance nutrition and eating habits on a daily basis. The main factor that helped me lose weight was the ability to add in those devilish treats that everyone says to stay away from.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story!

I look forward to connecting with you!