Tired… Weight Plateau…Insanity

Hello Hello…

Why the hell did I get up?

It is currently Thursday 2/28/16 in South Korea and I can honestly say my body is tired!! I have been working out straight for about 9 days with active rest days in between, but my body was not having it this morning.

I rolled out of bed at 7:00am this morning to hit the gym. On the schedule today was a 40 minute round of Insanity. As I started the workout, my body felt sore and overall ready to jump back in bed. I wanted to stop the video after 10 minutes in lol, but I pushed through to the end.

I did not go full force, but I did moderate the exercises to decrease the strain on my body. I feel like even if it was a minimal workout, it is still better than no workout right? and I pushed myself to not give up.

Side note: Tomorrow is definitely REST DAY! :+)

Current weight: 

I currently weigh 138 and I am trying to get down to my second goal weight which is 130. My overall goal weight is around 125. I have hit a weight plateau and let me tell you it is no fun to be at this point, but it happens. Even though the scale has not moved, I have noticed changes in my body structure. Numbers do not always matter hahaha Like age (31 and loving it). Everyone will hit a plateau at some point, but don’t let it discourage you to continue your journey.

When you hit a weight plateau it is best to change up your workouts by Increasing the intensity and changing up your routine in order to trick your body. Also, switching up your diet will help you out of your plateau as well. Just keep on trekking!!

MUST: Remember every journey has it ups and downs, but the individuals that continue will reach their goals. Ladies and gents, It is not a race.. It is ok to take your time. I wish you a beautiful day!!


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