Bikini Prep in SOUTH KOREA - IBS Edition


Good Afternoon All,

Today, is a new day to enjoy life and rock out some goals... Lately, I have realized that I was just about to let my main goal this year walk out the door. One of my main goals was to compete in my very first bodybuilding comp in South Korea.., but two months into my prep.. I was diagnosed with IBS and it literally derailed my progress and more... Constant flare ups and paired with old eating habits truly set of a spiral for a while accompanied with at least 12-15 lbs of weight gain. I never felt sorry for myself, but I decided to allow my body to heal and then jump back into prep.... I originally push my comp back to next year, but then I thought to myself... Why would I even fathom giving up on my dream? WHAT THE HELL MELISSA? 

At that point, I stopped myself in my tracks and said... "WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT" I have to try to achieve my goal.. I don't want to leave Korea feeling like I gave up on myself nor my dream... Therefore, I am officially hardcore deep in prep and ready to sweat and lift my ass off.... There will be bumps in the road, but I will fight to pass everyone of them individually!!!

I plan to share my whole journey here, via Insta, and You tube.... I've never prepped with IBS before.. I am interested in seeing how my body will react to my workout regimen and my meal plane as well.. I am currently following a paleo/low formal diet, but I will also take diet recommendations from my coach. Ultimately, I am going to do what is best for my body.. I am not looking to take any short cuts.. diet pills.. hell no.. I will be all natural throughout this whole process... Just hard work and dedication will get me there indeed.

Also, the first time around.. I became a pretty anti-social individual on prep and I'm going to try to make this a social prep.. because I want to be happy throughout this journey and I don't want to cut off the individuals in my life that I love to spend time with... I guess it's time to find some mad balance indeed!! Time isn't on my side.., but my desire to achieve my goals is truly on my side ...With that said, stay tuned for some background scenes of this prep... I have about 15 weeks to buckle down and destroy prep!

I wish all of you a wonderful and feel free to chase your desires in life because you are hella worth it!!!


Mel XoXo