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CHALLENGE DATES: December 11th - December 20th

Hello all and welcome to the beginning steps of this fitness challenge. Are you ready to create legit habits while the holidays are upon us?


Let's get Moving, Hydrated, Inspired, and Accountable together over this holiday season. There is no reason to wait for the New Year. This is the absolutely perfect time to begin. Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just nutrition and exercise. It is the ability to commit to yourself and value your body Inside and out. I think living a healthy lifestyle is learning the not so simple process of balance, but it can definitely be achieved. As a coach, I don't just focus on nutrition and fitness. I believe we have connect with others things in our life as well to fully live a healthy life. One fearless package. Lets use these four skills to get you going in order to crush the rest of this year and many years to come. 

A great accomplishment shouldn't be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward. - Harvey Mackay

Alright lets jump right into it! You will receive your official welcoming email on December 7th after signing up below. Therefore, keep those lovely eyes of yours open. This challenge is geared to get you Moving, Hydrated, Inspired, and Accountable.


Are you trying to start a new regimen or stay consist? Let's pick the best workout for you to begin.


Holidays bring BLOAT and staying hydrated can help you battle that plus all the amazing additional benefits of water.  Lets increase your water intake and allow your bodies to function as they are meant to daily. The goal is to drink 2.2L daily for females and 3L for males. Lets work on getting you to that goal if you are not there yet.


Time to focus on your goals that might have slipped away from you or goals that you are still working toward. No point to wait for the New Year! 


Ready to start something and finally finish it? it's hard to always follow things through, but the best thing is always being aware of why you started. So lets get you clear on different goals in your life and on the process of finishing them as well. We are in this together!

I will being doing this challenge with you as well!! #community We are in this together y’all! The ability to cheer each other on from all around the world excites me… Does it excite you? Come on.. you know it does.. lol Also, if you know someone that needs an extra push pull them in.. literally :) 


1. Staying on track with health goals during the holidays. 

2. Hydrate your body so it functions to its full potential.

3. Stay and or get inspired to conquer your goals for the end of this year and the New Year! 

Bonus Prizes:

1st Place:

$50 Gift Card to Bodybuilding.com + 4 Weeks of coaching (Nutrition +Training)

2nd Place: 

4 Weeks of Fitness coaching (Nutrition +Training)